We are surfers and lovers of good feelings. The good feelings we get from sharing our love for the ocean, our love for people and our appreciation for the good in life.

We are community members who want to give of our time to enjoy sharing the special people we meet while helping these kids, adults and their families excel and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

We are people in the periphery who help those volunteers on the “front line” and their Special Friends enjoy a stress free and exciting evening of fun at the beach. We are volunteers with busy schedules who make time because we enjoy this night so much!

From town employees who help us with logistics, the dog monitors who take care to ensure the beach is relaxing for Special Surfers who might be afraid, to the homeowners who are unfazed when they are inundated with traffic and cars, the friends with trucks and trailers, the volunteers who show up early to help set up and stay late to undo it all, and all the wonderful and generous surfers and sidekicks. To all the families who don’t often see their Special People succeed and beam, you are all heroes.

Many fully able people take a lot of things for granted. Our hundreds of volunteers find great joy in sharing a few hours of our time to show how fun life can be, no matter what physical or emotional limits our Special Friends experience in their daily lives.

Our Mission

Special Surfers is a non-profit organization sharing the empowering experience of surfing with children and young adults with special needs of all ages.   This program provides the public with a view toward the joy a community can bring to the lives of individuals with special needs and their families through volunteerism and generosity.

You can help. Volunteer or Donate, once you're in, you're hooked!

I love the excitement and energy that the night brings, and to talk with those walking past who are unfamiliar with the event. When the view this sea full of surfers, all they see are people enjoying the water. The special needs are stripped away and everyone can just...be.
— Jennifer Christensen, Jack's mom

What We've Achieved

Special Surfers has been around since 2003. What started with three kids on the spectrum is now a huge party with kids, families and surfers from all walks of life with all kinds of special abilities!

  • We have been awarded the Points of Light Award,having been nominated by our famous fan, Barbara Bush!
  • We've received awards from The YMCA for our volunteer turnout!
  • Many of our participants have been surfing with us since they were old enough to participate.Keep on coming!
  • We've been featured in many news articles and online videos as well as on television on the Maine and New Hampshire News Programs. Check us out online on Youtube & Vimeo. We're famous!