Waivers: download a waiver here.

Each Special Surfers event is a success because of the hundreds of volunteers that show up and make it happen.  Whether you are a lifelong surfer, someone who wants to stay dry, or something in between we have a job for you.  We guarantee it will be an evening you will never forget and that will have you coming back time and time again. We love to share the stoke with all of you!

Wave Captain:  You are out in the water with your Special Surfer giving them a push to catch a wave! This position requires a few years of surfing experience.  You need to be able to time the push so the Special Surfer will catch the wave without taking a pearl dive.  BYOW (Bring your own wetsuit)

Surfer’s Assistant:  You will get wet but surfing experience is not necessary. You will be closer to shore helping your Special Surfer get off the board when their ride is done and then get back out to the Wave Captain.  You also act as traffic control and keep an eye on your Special Surfer and others surfing nearby to ensure there are no collisions.  

Wet Junior Hero: If you’re under 16 and want to get wet, register as a “Wet Junior Hero”, and we will discuss your role according to your skills.

Dry Volunteers:  You don’t have to get in the water at all to help out with Special Surfer events. Volunteers are needed to help with set up, checking in, and directing people where to go. Specific dry volunteer jobs are: Equipment Transport, first and second shift: Strong hands and trucks are needed to set up and take down the event. You come early and leave early, or come late and leave late, or better yet, come early and leave late!

Clean Team:  We know it is not glamorous but it is really important.  After the event there are boards that need to be sorted and loaded, wet suits that need to be rinsed and hung up.  The good news is that even if you can’t make it to the beach by 5:00pm because of work or if you want to be able just watch and enjoy all the surfing as a spectator you can still volunteer for cleanup and know that you contributed to make this great event a success.

Volunteer registration will open in the Spring.  Check back or follow us on Facebook to know when you can register.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, of course. Participants and Volunteers need to sign waivers.  Don't forget to print and fill out your waiver... if you bring your completed waiver, it will save everyone a bunch of time!  Download waivers here.